Not If I Save You First

Ally Carter

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He has a killer on his tail. She has a bedazzled hatchet. What could possibly go wrong? Maddie thought she and Logan would be friends forever. But her dad is a Secret Service agent and he is the presidents son . . . Before she knows it Maddie gets dragged off to the Alaskan wilderness and a totally different life. No phone. No Internet. And not a single word from Logan. Maddie tells herself its okay. She has wood to cut and weapons to bedazzle. Her life is full. Until Logan shows up six years later . . . and a mysterious assailant kidnaps him before she can show him just how furious she is. Maddie really wants to kill Logan. But she has to save him first.

ISBN: 9781742765945
Publication Date: 01-May-2018
Publisher: Scholastic Australia