Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic

Jason Segel; Kirsten Miller; Karl Kwasny (Illustrator)

$17.99 Paperback
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The sequel to the funny and scary bestselling novel Nightmares!by multi-talented actor, Jason Segel, and bestselling author, Kirsten Miller.

You thought the nightmares were over? You'd better keep the lights on!

Since Charlie escaped from Netherworld, the land of nightmares, he's been sleeping soundly once more. But he can't shake the feeling that something strange is going on - his creepy stepmother's plant store is losing customers as everyone heads to the town of Orville Falls.

Stranger still, Orvill Falls is suddenly full . . . of zombies? At least, they sure look like the walking dead . . . Could it be that the inhabitants of the town are also starting to lose sleep?

Charlie knows one thing for sure- things are about to get weird again.

ISBN: 9780552571029
Publication Date: 24-Sep-2015
Publisher: Penguin Random House