Nerdlet: Animals

T. J. Resler

$14.99 Paperback
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Sometimes big nerdiness comes in small packages--and this book is an animal nerd's dream! From sharks and star-nosed moles to orangutans and okapis, you'll meet animals of all kinds in this quirky, jam-packed original from National Geographic Kids.

If you thought you were brainy, take a look at the incredible critters in this book. Inside, you'll find a spider that spends its whole life in a bubble and birds that build nests so big, they're like avian apartments! (And we're just getting started!)

In this little animal "Nerdlet" you'll learn about the weirdest, coolest, most amazing creatures in the animal kingdom-and what makes them beastly brainiacs. Plus, you'll have some of your most burning animal questions answered, such as What's the deal with crocodile tears? And you'll meet people who get to be around animals for a living and travel to animal destinations around the world. Inside, you'll also find personality quizzes, fun facts, animal superheroes, and even a Star Wars reference ... or two.

ISBN: 9781426338724
Publication Date: 15-Sep-2020
Publisher: National Geographic Society