My Encyclopedia of Very Important Adventures


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A charming book for little learners that's bursting with facts about inspiring explorers, adventurers, daredevils, and pioneers

An exciting introduction to the awesome adventures of the eager explorers, dynamic daredevils, imaginative inventors, and other pioneers who shaped the world.

Take a dive into the great unknown and go on a daring journey across land, sea, and sky as you explore the highest mountains, deepest oceans, and everything in between. On your journey you'll travel through time visiting the workshops, labs, and studios of history's most important minds and meet inventors, explorers, pirates, daredevils, and more. Read about the pioneers who dared to go where nobody had been before, archaeologists who made startling discoveries, and all of the exciting adventures they had along the way.

Packed with fun facts and colourful illustrations, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Adventures will feed your imagination and quench your thirst for knowledge.

ISBN: 9780241427811
Publication Date: 03-Nov-2020
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated