Minecraft Master Builder: Monsters

Sara Stanford

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Simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for 13 constructions that have been specially created by expert Minecrafters for this book.

Minecraft Master Builder: Monsters is a step-by-step player's guide to building griffins, yetis, minotaurs and many more monsters in Minecraft. Featuring everything from heraldic beasts to Norse and Greek mythical monsters, this fun and interactive guide will inspire readers to build amazing monstrous Minecraft models.

Each build is rated a Quick, Intermediate, Master or Supreme Master Build, and a list of materials is provided for each project, plus guidance on how long each build will take. There's even information on all kinds of beasts from legend and folklore, including pictures, facts and mythology.

Builds include:

Heraldic Beasts - Easy build: Phoenix; Intermediate build: Griffin; Master build: Manticore

Norse Monsters - Easy build: Fenris Wolf; Intermediate build: Kraken; Master build: The World Serpent

Greek Myths - Easy build: Harpy; Intermediate build: Cyclops; Master build: Minotaur

Around the World - Easy build: Kappa; Intermediate build: Yeti; Master build: Sphinx

Myths and Legends: Heroes vs Monsters - Supreme Master build: Chimera

ISBN: 9781783124961
Publication Date: 06-Oct-2020
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group Ltd.