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Juno Dawson

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'Guaranteed to be your summer read' Glamour

Jana Novak's history sounds like a classic model clich: tall and gangly, she's uncomfortable with her androgynous looks until she's unexpectedly scouted and catapulted to superstardom.

But the fashion industry is as grimy as it is glamorous. And there are unexpected predators at every turn.

Jana is an ordinary girl from a south London estate, lifted to unimaginable heights. But the further you rise, the more devastating your fall ...

Honest and raw, this is a timely expos of the dark underbelly of the fashion industry in an era of #TimesUp and #MeToo. It might just be Juno Dawson's most important book yet.

'Juno Dawson slashes through the glamour of the fashion industry ... combining blockbuster appeal with piercing commentary on modelling, body image and consent' Observer

ISBN: 9781786540386
Publication Date: 23-May-2019
Publisher: Quercus