Me and My Boots

Penny Harrison; Evie Barrow

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Me and My Boots is the first title staring Bronte, a fun-loving character who inadvertently challenges gender stereotypes though her everyday adventures. 

In Me and My Boots, Bronte rejects the label bossy boots, and in introducing us to her family and friends, offers up alternative ways to describe assertive girls like herself.

Mum calls them my brave-girl boots.
My bold-as-brass, adventure boots
I'm off to snare the dragon boots.
I'll drag him home for tea.

My teacher calls them bustling boots.
My buckle-down-to-business boots.
I'm the best at jobs boots.
I'm busy as a bee.


Bookseller Review
by Anna Sheen

Bronte is called a bossy-boots, but she knows she's much more than that! What I love about this book is it clearly shows how adults and peers talk to and about assertive children (especially girls) becomes how they think about themselves. Being an advocate for exuberant girls is as easy as switching the words we use from negative terms like bossy into positive affirmation like assertive, confident and fearless!

Anna is one of the co-managers of Where The Wild Things Are and before that was the Assistant manager of Avid Reader. Anna has 21 years of bookselling experience and reads extensively from picture books through to young adult novels. Anna is the Wild Things non-book buyer and one of the main contributors to our weekly storytime. Anna has two young children so most of her picture-book and middle-reader recommendations are tried-and-tested with the most discerning critics.

ISBN: 9781760502331
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2020
Publisher: Little Hare Books