Bob Graham

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Max has a little sister Fans of the late-blooming superhero will thrill to meet super-sibling Maxine, who flies high with style--her own.

Max's baby sister arrives with two little strands of red hair at exactly the stroke of midnight. Maxine receives a superhero's welcome: Grandma and Grandpa make presents, Madame Thunderbolt and Captain Lightning show her off at the office, and Max is there for her first steps, her first words, and her first book. Then, just as everyone expects her to, she flies But not all superheroes wear masks and capes, and Maxine is determined to be herself, dream big, and fly high on her own terms. Fans of Bob Graham's signature humor and heart are in for a treat in this bright, bold sequel to the recently re-released Max, perfect for any child who wonders, "But who am I going to be?"

ISBN: 9781406387636
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2021
Publisher: Walker Books, Limited