Caravan Kids

Libby Hathorn; Julie Connor (Illustrator)

$9.95 Paperback
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When the Smyth family wins a pink caravan in the 1957 Christmas raffle, 10-year-old Sally thinks she might be able to have the adventure she's dreamed of. Settled into Palm Beach, the summer trip is everything the family wish for: Mom and Dad relax with other campers, Del finds boys to flirt with, and Carl plays games with his new friends. Only Sally complains that she is not having a real adventure--she hopes for pirate ships or a beach rescue--but she might have to settle with finding it by visiting the "scary old lady” Jessie or by upsetting the "snobby” Anderson family. But she eventually finds adventure when she storms out of the caravan concert and accidentally stumbles, landing on a cliff ledge. Sally is alone and injured as night begins to fall. Luckily her departure was noticed by one of the Anderson boys and her location is discovered by Jessie's dog, Jimpy. Before long Sally is rescued and returns to the camp with an adventure all of her own.

ISBN: 9781876944445
Publication Date: 15-Aug-2006
Publisher: National Museum of Australia