Mad for Math


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This series offers activities and proposals for exploring the world of numbers in an amusing and entertaining manner, encouraging a positive attitude to mathematics. The topics are presented in a gradual and intuitive manner. A deductive approach is preferred and precisely for this reason, the concepts are never formalised, nor are definitions or specific terminologies used. Do-ityourself ideas are proposed, using everyday materials, or those presented in the book, to encourage learning through the creative-manipulative channel. The brief, fascinating stories that start each chapter and introduce the activities, and the colourful illustrations by Agnese Baruzzi finally allow the young readers to approach the most important mathematical concepts with a smile on their faces! AUTHOR: Linda Bertola, with a degree in Foreign languages for intercultural mediation from the Universita Cattolica of Milan, Linda Bertola is a linguistic and learning facilitator. She is specialised in teaching and supporting students with difficulties in learning and special educational needs, both at school and outside. She is also specialised in teaching Italian to foreign children and adults. She worked with various schools and associations as an intercultural educator/trainer. Passionate about didactics, mathematics and game learning, you can find her articles about didactics on the website

ISBN: 9788854412385
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2018
Publisher: White Star