Lit for Little Hands: les Misrables

Brooke Jorden (Adapted by); Olga Skomorokhova (Illustrator)

$19.99 Board Book
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"Great perils have this fine characteristic, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers."

Victor Hugo's classic tale of love, sacrifice, and second chances comes to life for children Tons of interactive elements invite kids to lift a cart with Jean Valjean, wave a flag with Marius Pontmercy, and avoid the rats in the sewers of Paris. Much more than a primer, Lit for Little Hands: Les Mis rables tells the actual story in simple, engaging prose, and fans of the novel will be delighted by the book's attention to detail and clever use of original dialogue. And the book's use of super-sturdy board means everyone can enjoy this beloved tale of the human struggle for one day more . . . and then another

ISBN: 9781641701969
Publication Date: 24-Nov-2020
Publisher: Familius LLC