Lift-The-Flap First Questions and Answers: Why Do Things Die?


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A beautiful and gentle look at the circle of life, using Christine Pym's gorgeous animals characters to explore the emotions and facts around death, with questions such as Is it ok to talk about dying? What happens when someone dies? Can I shout and cry and hide away? and How can I stop feeling sad? The latest in the wonderful First Questions and Answers series, this title covers an extremely tricky topic in a friendly and approachable way. Uses animal characters in the same way as First Q&A: What are feelings? Fills a very important gap in the market, helping parents and carers to find the words to explain death and dying to young children.

Bookseller Review
by Kasia

This little book is a great resource in informing a child about death who is curious about understanding such a big yet everyday existential idea. Many grief books centre around a particular figure passing away but this book takes a child through the different stages of questions they may have when initially trying to grapple with this concept. A clear guide that gives just enough information and language around death to answer questions, investigate related emotions but not cause greater angst.

ISBN: 9781474979887
Publication Date: 10-Nov-2020
Publisher: Usborne Publishing, Limited