Liberty: the Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me

Andrea Portes

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What is a hero

Paige Nolan knows.

Sean Raynes, the young man who exposed America's unconstitutional spying techniques, is a hero, even if half the dum-dums in the country think he's a traitor. And her journalist parents, who were captured by terrorists while telling stories of the endangered and oppressed-they were heroes, too. Were . . . or are-no one has ever told Paige if they're still alive, or dead.

Not heroes Anyone in the government who abandoned her parents, letting them rot somewhere halfway across the world. And certainly not Paige herself, who, despite her fluency in five languages and mastery of several obscure martial arts (thanks, Mom!), could do nothing to save them.

Couldn't, that is, until she's approached by Madden Carter, an undercover operative who gives her a mission: fly to Russia, find Raynes, and discover what other government secrets he's stockpiled. In exchange, he'll reopen the case on her missing parents. She's given a code name and a cover as a foreign exchange student.

Who is a hero

Not Paige Nolan, but maybe, just maybe, Liberty is.

ISBN: 9780062673329
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2017
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers