How to Be a Pirate

Sue Fliess; Nikki Dyson (Illustrator)

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Ahoy, landlubber Come with me.
Board me ship upon the sea
Not a pirate? Don't know how?
Ye can learn to be one now

Little landlubbers get to earn their sea legs on a pirate ship amidst the goofiest pirates ever. There's lingo to learn (Gangway Blimey Yo-ho-ho ), a pirate look to choose (Pick a parrot for your arm. Every pirate's lucky charm ), and most importantly, pirate rules to learn (No more toothpaste Farewell, bath Once ye choose the pirate path ).This rollicking read-aloud will be a hit among boys, girls, and parents alike

ISBN: 9780449813096
Publication Date: 07-Jan-2014
Publisher: Penguin Random House