Let's Get Glowing!

Chris Ferrie

$22.99 Hardback
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It's time to bring Chris Ferrie's unique brand of learning to the next level of readers beyond Baby University with a new series--Everyday Science Academy Did you know that everything in the world is radioactive--including you? Jump into the science behind radioactivity with Chris Ferrie and Red Kangaroo.

Red Kangaroo notices a radioactive sign and knows she's supposed to stay away. Anything with radioactivity is bad for you... right? Dr. Chris surprises Red Kangaroo when he tells her everything in the world is radioactive--even us Jump into this latest book from the #1 science author for kids and learn all about the physics of radioactivity and radioactive decay.

ISBN: 9781492680666
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2020
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated