LEGO Build and Stick: Custom Cars


$29.99 Mixed Media
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All drivers to your cars, please ... all drivers to your cars!

Build your own superpowered racing car using the LEGO bricks and instructions inside! Choose any of the three base models, then modify your

ultimate speed machine to fit your racing needs! Next, kick your imagination into full speed by making the car stand out as YOURS with the specially

designed durable stickers included! Then push into overdrive with activity pages loaded with exciting images, colouring, sticker challenges and more!

Ready for the replay? Kick it into reverse to take another vehicle for a spin with over 10 rebuild configurations and get even more mileage out of the

reusable stickers!

ISBN: 9781760509323
Publication Date: 04-Jun-2021
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children\'s Publishing