Lazy Daisy

Caz Goodwin

$19.99 Hardback
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All of Jasper's dreams come true when he finds his very own 'puppy dog' to walk in Centenary Park. But Daisy the 'dog' isn't much of a walker -- she tends to spend most of her day climbing gumtrees and dozing. If only someone would explain to Jasper that Daisy is a koala, NOT a dog! Just as Jasper's about to give up on his dream, he has a madcap idea of how Daisy can still join him on his daily walk, whether she's asleep or not. 

Lazy Daisy is a hilarious rhyming story that will have kids doubled over with laughter. 

ISBN: 9781760500931
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2019
Publisher: Little Hare Books