Lampie and the Children of the Sea

Annet Schaap (Illustrator)

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Bookseller Review
by Genevieve Kruyssen

Lampie is a lighthouse keeper. Well, her father is, but since he lost his wife and injured his leg he hasn't really been in the mood to drag himself to the top of the lighthouse to light the lamp each evening, so the task has fallen to Lampie. One night, a terrible storm, a forgetful mind and lost matches result in the light not being lit. Lampie's father is boarded up inside the lighthouse to work off the debt of a smashed ship while Lampie is sent to a mysterious and gloomy house to work as a maid. A house that legend tells has a monster in the attic.

This stories crescendo was magnificent. It has wisps of adventure, and curiosities to twist the imagination. The characters are clever, sometimes spiteful, determined and compassionate. You earnestly care and cry for them. This would make a lovely read aloud for the whole family but is otherwise best for an emotionally mature 9 up as there are moments of harshness and violence. I know I will treasure my copy for years. 

ISBN: 9781782692188
Publication Date: 01-May-2019
Publisher: Pushkin Press, Limited