Claire Saxby; Tannya Harricks

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The team behind Dingo returns with a lyrically told, beautifully illustrated exploration of another unique Australian animal: the laughing kookaburra.

In the crinkled shadows,
night dwellers yawn,
day creatures stretch,
and Kookaburra laughs.

Kook-kook-kook. Kak-kak-kak. What is that sunrise chorus that sounds like laughter? It is a kookaburra and her family, calling over the river. Follow these iconic Australian birds as they search for food and team up to defend their territory in preparation for the nesting season. With rich paintings and poetic text, threaded through with intriguing facts, Kookaburra offers insight into the lives of these fascinating birds. Curious readers will find more information about kookaburras at the end, as well as an index leading them back through the book to explore these distinctive creatures more closely.

ISBN: 9781760651060
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2020
Publisher: Walker Books Australia Pty, Limited