Key Skills Wipe-Clean: Multiplying 7-8

Holly Bathie

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This book is an enjoyable way to improve children's understanding of multiplying a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. With the help of some friendly animal characters, children learn how to use partitioning, rounding and the column method to multiply numbers. The durable, wipe-clean pages allow them to practise until they feel confident. Supports the UK National Curriculum. Includes a quiz, a practice page, answers and notes for grown-ups inside a gatefold to ensure children get the most from these books. Part of the hugely successful Usborne Wipe-clean series, the Key Skills titles teach children the basics of a variety of Maths, English and Science topics, including times tables, fractions, grammar and punctuation. Comes with a special wipe-clean pen which is very satisfying to write with, and easy to wipe off the shiny pages.

ISBN: 9781474951135
Publication Date: 02-Apr-2020
Publisher: Usborne Publishing, Limited