Indian Folk Tales

Caroline Ness; Neil Philip; Jacqueline Mair (Illustrator)

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A twelfth-century Sanskrit parallel to Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Princess and the Pea' is just one of the surprises in this unusual collection of fairy tales from the Indian subcontinent. There are animal fables that recall both Aesop and Uncle Remus, and long wonder tales with all the strange enchantments of the Arabian Nights. Wily peasants, scheming rajahs, and saintly brahmans mingle in stories full of spice and wit. Luck and fate are the chief concerns, but magic and bravery play their part as well. These eighteen stories have been selected with an introduction and notes by folklorist Neil Philip, and retold for today's children by Caroline Ness. The result is a vibrant anthology of magical tales that will delight all the family, ideal to read aloud or for older readers to enjoy discovering by themselves. In this enchanting anthology of fairy tales from across the Indian subcontinent, you will enter into a world where an elephant rides to heaven and back; an exiled prince wins his inheritance; a resourceful princess pits her wits against a witch; and of a male Cinderella - but with a twist to the tail Jacqueline Mair's richly detailed illustrations draw on her experience travelling and studying in India to produce a book full of colour and vibrancy.

ISBN: 9781861478580
Publication Date: 07-May-2019
Publisher: Anness Publishing