I'm a Feel-O-saur

Lezlie Evans; Kate Chappell (Illustrator)

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Speaking directly to its kid audience, the upbeat verse text assures them that feelings change throughout a day and that's OK, invites them to identify how they are feeling now, and offers practical tips for acting on or coping with positive and negative moods....each costumed dino-kid exhibits behaviors related to their specific feeling in a series of humorous vignettes guaranteed to entertain.--Kirkus Reviews

Emotions are inside us all. Some are big and some are small. So many moods we all go through . . . What kind of FEEL-O-SAUR are you? Whatever mood you're in today, it's all OK! I'm a Feel-o-saur helps young readers explore all the different feelings that everyone has!

ISBN: 9781789562101
Publication Date: 04-Feb-2021
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group Ltd.