How to Write the Soundtrack to Your Life

Fiona Hardy

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Murphy Parker is going to be a songwriter - if she can ever find the courage to let anyone hear her music. When Murphy dares to play one of her songs in a music class, she's shocked by how much her classmates love it. And her. That is, until the next day, when they hear a suspiciously similar tune and accuse Murphy of stealing. Someone is playing Murphy's music and claiming it as their own. But who? And why? Desperate to clear her name and reclaim her songs, Murphy makes an unlikely alliance. But it turns out that friendship might be even more complicated than tracking down a song thief... From the brilliant new talent behind How to Make a Movie in 12 Days comes a funny, moving and unforgettable mystery about finding your voice.

Bookseller Review
by Anna Sheen

Shy songwriter Murphy has had her music stolen but SHE gets accused of plagiarism! Clearing her name involves making new friends, tracking down the song thief and finding her voice, all while supporting her Dad who has a mental illness.This melodious mystery for 9-12yr olds has diverse characters, good friendship choices, excellent music references, and a whole lot of heart.

Anna is one of the co-managers of Where The Wild Things Are and before that was the Assistant manager of Avid Reader. Anna has 21 years of bookselling experience and reads extensively from picture books through to young adult novels. Anna is the Wild Things non-book buyer and one of the main contributors to our weekly storytime. Anna has two young children so most of her picture-book and middle-reader recommendations are tried-and-tested with the most discerning critics.

ISBN: 9781922419132
Publication Date: 25-Aug-2020
Publisher: Affirm Press