How to Win a Nobel Prize

Barry;Hendry Marshall

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Ten-year-old Mary has always wanted to win a Nobel Prize. She loves running her own science experiments at home. But how can she become a real scientist and win the greatest prize of all?

One day Mary stumbles on a secret meeting of Nobel Prize winners. Swearing her to secrecy, Dr Barry Marshall agrees to be her guide as she travels around the world and through time to learn the secrets behind some of the most fascinating and important scientific discoveries. They talk space and time with Albert Einstein, radiation with Marie Curie, DNA with Crick, Watson and Wilkins - and much more.

How to Win a Nobel Prizeis a funny, fascinating adventure story for ages 9 to 12, and includes experiments that young scientists can do themselves at school or at home.

ISBN: 9781760640064
Publication Date: 02-Apr-2018
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited