How Philippa Met Harry

Val Catchpoole

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How Philippa Met Harry: A Brisbane River story is a picturebook for children aged 3 to 8 about a real Pekin duck, that we called Philippa and her friend, a native Australian Pacific Black duck that we called Harry. They met on the Brisbane River near a busy Ferry Terminal at Bulimba, an inner city suburb of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.While Harry was a native Australian duck, Philippa was a domestic duck that had either escaped from a duck farm somehow or had previously been someone's pet.Actual photographs of the ducks and other birds that lived around them are used to tell the story about how Philippa became friendly with Harry and then joined his flock to fly and paddle with him down the river to a beautiful island in a creek draining into the Brisbane River and quite close to the busy Gateway Bridge.The story traces how Philippa spent the night on the island with Harry and the other ducks before making her way back to the banks of the river near the Bulimba Ferry Terminal with Harry as her new friend.Sadly, Philippa and Harry and the other ducks have now left the little rocky beach near the Ferry Terminal at Bulimba. We think this was probably as a result of the construction of a large new jetty and Ferry Terminal upgrade at the end of 2014.However, the story has a relevance across time because it illustrates how important it is to have friends and reminds us that, even in cities, our lives can be enriched by the presence of our beautiful feathered friends who will live quite happily right alongside us if we just give them a little space.

ISBN: 9780646905563
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2013
Publisher: Habitatsinfocus