How I Didn't Straighten My Hair (and Other Life Lessons)

Angela May George

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Dora still hasn't found her 'thing'. It definitely isn't Greek dancing. Although she is developing a bit of 'thing' for her friend Ethan. If only he didn't live next door to her Yaya and Popou, then he wouldn't witness the craziness that is Dora's life. Her perfect older sister and her best friend seem to have their stuff worked out ... while Dora can't even manage to tame her frizzy hair! But with Dora's dad out of work, and strict budget cuts, a hair straightener isn't exactly on the list of priorities. Dora just knows that taming her hair is the answer to everything ... Or is it?

ISBN: 9781742999555
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2018
Publisher: Scholastic Australia