Ugly Bugs

Nick Arnold; Tony De Saulles (Illustrator)

$14.99 Paperback
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Ugly Bugs lifts up the stone on the creepy-crawly world of insects. You don't have to go very far to find them. Pick up any stone, look into any corner, and a hideous creepy-crawly thing is bound to squirm out! Huge hairy spiders! Wriggly centipedes! Slimy slugs and snails! Most frail folk will scream and run away. But if you're brave enough to look closer, then it's time to discover: What slugs do with their slime. Why flies throw up on your tea. How insects drink your blood. How a preying mantis bites its victim's head off!

ISBN: 9781407142630
Publication Date: 02-Jan-2014
Publisher: Scholastic