Barry Deutsch; Hansen Literary Hansen Literary Agency (Other Primary Creator)

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Welcome back to Hereville, where Mirka, the world s first time-traveling, monster-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl, faces her greatest challenge yet: babysitting Mirka just wants to find new adventures, but instead she s stuck babysitting her disapproving little sister, Layele. When Mirka pushes her sister into a stream, they both get in too deep with an angry magic fish. No matter how hard Mirka fights this fish-out-of-water, it gets stronger and stronger and it s out for revenge. Mirka is in over her head, and this time, her whole family is on the line When the fish kidnaps Layele, Mirka must find a way to save her little sister, and the clues she needs are hidden in her stepmother Fruma s past. Mixing adventure, cultural traditions, squabbling siblings, and preteen commotion, "Hereville: How Mirka Caught a Fish" is sure to captivate readers with its exciting visuals and indomitable heroine."

ISBN: 9781419708008
Publication Date: 03-Nov-2015
Publisher: Abrams