Richard Yaxley

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In 1914, Tom Stott falls in love with Gracie ODonnell, but their love is thwarted by circumstance and war. Tom finds himself part of the blood-soaked landings at Gallipoli, while Gracie marries another. A deception, born in a place and time on the brink of war, traverses the world as successive generations seek freedom in a century of change. It isnt until American teen Noah Cli ord joins his mother Deborah, his grandfather Will and his great-grandmother Gracie in Australia that the secrets of the past are revealed, secrets that will take them back to the beaches of Gallipoli... From multi-award winning author, Richard Yaxley, comes a story of connectedness, family and the power of truth.

ISBN: 9781760973261
Publication Date: 03-Jan-2021
Publisher: Scholastic Australia