Our minds are beautifully complicated and brilliant machines. For much of our lives, these machines run efficiently with minimal maintenance. However, just like our other organs, they do require some proper attention every now and then. Recognizing this at an early age can only help as children progress into adulthood.

Happy, Healthy Minds is a guide designed to help children become more aware of their emotional needs and examines a range of topics that might give their minds difficulties, for example:

- when parents don't seem to understand us - when we're finding it hard to make friends

- when school feels boring or difficult

- when we feel angry, or anxious, or lack confidence

There are atlases out there that describe the continents of the world. This book acts as an atlas to children's minds, mapping out emotions and moods they may well have felt but not understood so clearly before.

We explore a range of common scenarios encountered by children and talk about some of the very best ideas to help deal with them. By offering a sympathetic and supportive framework,Happy, Healthy Minds encourages children to open up, explore their own feelings and face the dilemmas of growing up armed with a new degree of emotional intelligence.

Bookseller Review
by Rachel Tribout

Happy, Healthy Minds is beautifully illustrated book that covers various topics like anger, school, patience, nature or the adult world. It goes deep while being very accessible and it encourages older children to approach life in a mindful and emotionally aware manner while providing ideas on how to deal with life challenges.

I enjoyed this book because it provides great guidelines and tools for children to develop their emotional intelligence. It is also helpful to parents and can help find the language and approach to support their children in their exploration of life as they grow up and face challenges of all sorts. I found the illustrations beautiful, and the book’s layout and writing very clear and easy to access. Another jewel from the School of Life! Great for children above ten years old and their parents.

ISBN: 9781912891191
Publication Date: 12-May-2020
Publisher: Affirm Press