Gullstruck Island

Frances Hardinge

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'Everyone should read Frances Hardinge. Everyone. Right now.' Patrick NessOn Gullstruck Island the volcanoes quarrel, beetles sing danger and occasionally a Lost is born . . . In the village of the Hollow Beasts live two sisters. Arilou is a Lost - a child with the power to depart her body and mind-fly with the winds - and Hathin is her helper. Together they hide a dangerous secret. Until sinister events threaten to uncover it. With a blue-skinned hunter on their trail and a dreadlocked warrior beside them, they must escape. Can the fate of two children decide the future of Gullstruck Island?Discover a dazzling world, a breathtaking heroine . . . and an incredible adventure!

ISBN: 9781509818730
Publication Date: 28-Jan-2016
Publisher: Pan Macmillan