Grug 40th Anniversary Celebration Book and Plush Box

Ted Prior

$24.99 Mixed Media
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Celebrate 40 years of Grug with an exclusive hardback and soft cuddly toy in this gorgeous box set

Once the top of a Burrawang tree fell to the ground ... and the grassy top began to change.

It became Grug.


Join your favourite bush character on his adventures with an exclusive hardback edition of the original Grug story and a cute and cuddly soft toy.


Ted Prior's bestselling Grug series is beloved by early readers and parents alike and has sold more than a million copies in Australia alone. His first story was published in 1979 and Ted went on to write 33 more stories featuring Grug and his adventures with his other bush friends, Cara and Snoot.


ISBN: 9781760851521
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2019
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia