Googol Boy

John Michael; Dave Atze (Illustrator)

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When Howie, an unassuming, rather clueless kidis zapped by lightning while working on his computer, he absorbs all the information off the interne. His (very) ordinary brain miraculously starts to exhibit extraordinary potential. As Howie struggles to control his new-found power he is faced with all sorts of hilarious predicaments, from contending with mega-mean teachers to being ridiculed by the school braniac, a petite know-it-all determined to humiliate him. Meanwhile the coveted Great Quiz Trophy has mysteriously disappeared ...Can Howie overcome the enormous obstacles before him to defeat his annoying arch-nemesis. Will he solve the peculiar mystery of the stolen Great Quiz Trophy? Enter the quirky world of Quockingpoll Flats. But be aware! You may never want to leave.

ISBN: 9781922387141
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2021
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing Pty, Limited