Gone to the Woods: a True Story of Growing up in the Wild

Gary Paulsen

$16.99 Paperback
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From the author of the bestselling Hatchet comes a true story of high-stakes wilderness survival!At the age of five Gary Paulsen escaped from a shocking Chicago upbringing to a North Woods homestead, finding a powerful respect for nature that would stay with him throughout his life. At the age of thirteen a librarian handed him his first book, and there he found a lasting love of reading. As a teenager he desperately enlisted in the Army, and there amazingly discovered his true calling as a storyteller.A moving and enthralling story of grit and growing up, Gone to the Woods is perfect for newcomers to the voice and lifelong fans alike, from the acclaimed author at his rawest and realest.

ISBN: 9781529047721
Publication Date: 07-Jan-2021
Publisher: Pan Macmillan