Get Me Out of This Book

Kalli Dakos; Deborah Cholette; Sara Infante (Illustrator)

$29.99 Hardback
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"GET ME OUT OF THIS BOOK!" shouts Max. Max is a scaredy-cat bookmark until he learns 3 rules for being brave-breathe deeply, make a plan, and think positive thoughts!

When Max the bookmark went into a scary book, he couldn't LOOK and he SHOOK and he SCREAMED, "GET ME OUT OF THIS BOOK!"

Then he learned to (1) breathe deeply, (2) make a plan, and (3) think positive thoughts-techniques used by the Navy SEALs. Max put his new tools into practice and now he's brave enough to face a snake, yucky buts, and even a seven-headed monster!

Every book comes with is very own Max, the bookmark!

This humorous story packs a big punch as it introduces children to mindfulness, self-regulation, self-control, and other techniques for dealing with stress and overcoming fear.

ISBN: 9780823438624
Publication Date: 11-Jun-2019
Publisher: Holiday House, Incorporated