Fortuyn's Ghost

Mark Greenwood; Mark Wilson (Illustrator)

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Old seafarers believe an ancient vessel, veiled in spray, still plies the stormtossed waters. Once every year, on a three-quarter moon, a bell tolls, marking the minutes to midnight. And a rotted timber backbone slowly rises from a watery grave.... From Fortuyn's Ghost --- From the award-winning Mark Greenwood comes Fortuyn's Ghost, a haunting tale of shipwreck on the high seas. In 1724, the Dutch East India Company ship Fortuyn vanished after leaving the Cape of Good Hope, bound for Batavia. Stowed below deck was the Company's trading cash (a rich cargo of silver ingots, bullion and coins), all sealed in ten oak money chests. Fortuyn's Ghost - a children's picture book - imagines the doomed ship's fateful voyage to its likely end on Western Australia's treacherous Shipwreck Coast, a place well known for nautical hauntings.

ISBN: 9781920694777
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2007
Publisher: UWA Publishing

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