Flyntlock Bones: the Sceptre of the Pharaohs

Derek Keilty; Mark Elvins (Illustrator)

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Meet Captain John Hamish Watkins and his pirate crew: Briggs the quartermaster, Fishbreath the cook, Master Hudson the ship's Bosun, the riggers Drudger, Snitch and Dedweard - oh and last but not least Red, the girl rigger who becomes Flynn's friend and ally on board this unruly ship! Flynn's first case is a summons for help from Miss Kristina Wrinkly, curator of the Gypshun museum. There's been a break-in, and priceless, ancient artefacts have been stolen including the irreplaceable sceptre of the Pharaohs!

ISBN: 9781912650408
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2020
Publisher: Scallywag Press