Find Your Feet (the 8 Things I Wish I'D Known Before I Left High School)

Rebecca Sparrow

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Everybody knows finishing high school and deciding what to do next can be tough. Should you go to college? Get an apprenticeship? Or just travel the world?

After high school, there are all-new pressures such as budgets, living away from home, making choices about a career you aren’t sure of, relationships, eating well, making friends . . . the list goes on. So how do you get through it? From the bestselling author of Find Your Tribe (And Nine Other Things I Wish I'd Known in High School) comes the follow-up book, Find Your Feet (The 8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Left High School), a practical, humorous, guide for girls to help them navigate their post–high school years and beyond. This little book will be invaluable and a must-read for those who need a little help in surviving the years after school.

ISBN: 9780702249624
Publication Date: 21-Aug-2013
Publisher: University of Queensland Press