Extreme Sports

Peter Douglas

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Whether it is dropping into a snow covered half pipe, scaling a sheer rock wall or executing a tailwhip while soaring on an Odyssey, extreme sports cover a wide spectrum of spectacular and thrilling events. In the snow, on the water in the air, or on the ground athletes exhibit gravity-defying moves with high levels of danger. Many of the original counterculture activities like skateboarding and BMX have evolved over the years to become sanctioned, and even Olympic level sports. Read about how these bona fide athletes prepare with precision to face some of the world's most dangerous sports. Every book in the Preparing for Game Day series provides tips from the sport's top players and coaches on how to physically and mentally prepare for your favorite sport. Each title also provides a rundown of the step you should take to be at your optimal level when it is time to compete. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781422239162
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2017
Publisher: Mason Crest