Exploring Shipwrecks

Marsh Nigel

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Ships have been sailing the oceans of the world for thousands of years, and for just as long, they have been sinking to the bottom and turning into shipwrecks.

This fabulous book submerges the reader into the world of shipwrecks - exploring everything from how ships sink, how shipwrecks are salvaged, different types of shipwrecks and how shipwrecks are transformed into incredible artificial reefs.

Full of fascinating facts and figures, the reader can explore a range of shipwrecks underwater to discover their history and see what they look like today.

Illustrated with wonderful pictures, Exploring Shipwrecks is an entertaining and educational book that explorers of all ages will enjoy.

ISBN: 9781921580178
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2016
Publisher: New Holland Publishers Pty, Limited