Every Second: 100 Lightning Strikes, 8,000 Scoops of Ice Cream, 200,000 Text Messages, 3 Million Litres of Cow Burps ... and Other Incredible

Bruno Gibert

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Every second across the globe, aeroplanes take off and land, plastic bottles are made and recycled, babies are born and people die. Find out the surprising numbers behind what's happening right now on our planet. A hard-hitting book with striking images and numbers to understand today's world.Every second, somewhere across the glove, an aeroplane takes off and another one lands. Two people die, but four beautiful newborns enter the world. 15,000 plastic bottles are produced, but only 1600 are recycled. This book of remarkable facts, with memorable infographic accompaniments, reveals the incredible things that happen every second in our world.

ISBN: 9781912920297
Publication Date: 01-May-2020
Publisher: Walker Books Australia Pty, Limited