Lynette Noni

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EMBRACE THE WONDER."I swear by the estars that you and the others slain tonight will be the first of many. Of that you have my word."With Aven Dalmarta now hiding in the shadows of Meya, Alex is desperate to save Jordan and keep the Rebel Prince from taking more lives.Training day and night to master the enhanced immortal blood in her veins, Alex undertakes a dangerous Meyarin warrior trial that separates her from those she loves and leaves her stranded in a place where nothing is as it should be.As friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Alex must decide who to trust as powerful new allies--and adversaries--push her towards a future of either light... or darkness.One way or another, the world will change...

ISBN: 9781921997686
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2017
Publisher: Pantera Press