Dippy's Big Day Out

Jackie French; Ben Smith Whatley (As told to); Bruce Whatley

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The setting is Australia, 100,000 years ago, where a VERY LARGE wombat is seen sleeping and most probably scratching, as well. This is where it all began. Dippy is a sweet, gentle wombat who lived many many thousands of years ago. He also happens to be a BIG wombat, one the size of a mini bus; a diprotodon from 100,000 years ago, and his friends include dinosaurs , thylacines, and other megafauna. All Dippy wants is to discover a place to sleep where his snoring won't disturb his friends, plus delicious food to eat. But where will he find them?

ISBN: 9781460754061
Publication Date: 29-Jan-2019
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia