Daddy's Cheeky Monkey

Andrew Daddo; Emma Quay (Illustrator)

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A delightful picture book about all the cheeky names daddies give to their little ones

Who's the cheeky monkey at your place? Someone's pretending to be asleep, but Daddy's cheeky monkey is awake and soon the whole house will be a zoo!

From the bestselling author and illustrator of Goodnight, Me comes a celebration of all the sweet, funny nicknames daddies like to call their little ones.


' of those books that just grabs you from the first moment you pick it off the shelf. It gave me that little skip in the heart beat I get when I see something really beautiful' - We Heart Books

'Daddo and Quay's latest book is a beauty, which children will enjoy listening to when very young, and reading as they get a little older. The images are innovative and natural all at the same time. This is a book you'll read and treasure for many years' - Preschool Entertainment

'Andrew Daddo has a special talent for spotting the things that most parents do, and turning it into something that parents and children can relate to. Emma Quay's illustrations work really well to convey the warmth and character of the relationships being depicted. The whole effect is both soft, and accessible - any family; a standard day; and tons of love. One of the best' - Oz Teachers

ISBN: 9780733338915
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2017
Publisher: ABC Books