Computer Networks

Clive Gifford

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Computer Networks looks at how computer technology has changed the way we work, communicate, learn, and have fun. The World Wide Web, search engines, email, and social media have all become part of our everyday lives. The bright and engaging design helps guide readers along, and easy-to-understand text explains websites and webpages, search engines, and email systems. Online security is a key area of focus, and advice is included on staying safe online. "Stretch Yourself" features give practical activities for readers to try to help reinforce learning and are not linked to specific software or operating systems. "True Story" features give real-world anecdotes from the world of information technology. "Computer Hero" features look at the groundbreaking scientists that paved the way for digital technology today.

ISBN: 9780778715603
Publication Date: 28-Feb-2015
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company