City of the Uncommon Thief

Lynne Bertrand

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A dark and intricate fantasy for readers of The Book of Dust and Leigh Bardugo. City of the Uncommon Thiefis the story of a quarantined city gripped by fear and of the war that can free it.

A dark and intricate fantasy,City of the Uncommon Thief is the story of a quarantined city gripped by fear and of the war that can free it.

"Guilders work. Foundlings scrub the bogs. Needles bind. Swords tear. And men leave. There is nothing uncommon in this city. I hope Errol Thebes is dead. We bothknow he is safer that way."

In a walled city of a mile-high iron guild towers, many things are common knowledge- No book in any of the city's libraries reveals its place on a calendar or a map. Noliving beasts can be found within the city's walls. And no good comes to the guilder or foundling who trespasses too far from their labors. Even on the tower rooftops,where Errol Thebes and the rest of the city's teenagers pass a few short years under an open sky, no one truly believes anything uncommon is possible within the citywalls. But one guildmaster has broken tradition to protect her child, and now the whole city faces an uncommon threat- a pair of black iron spikes that has thepower of both sword and needle on the rib cages of men has gone missing, but the mayhem they cause rises everywhere. If the spikes are not found, nowall will be high enough to protect the city-or the world beyond it.
And Errol Thebes? He's not dead and he's certainly not safe.

ISBN: 9780525555322
Publication Date: 13-Apr-2021
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group