Chalk Eagle

Nazli Tahvili

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In the heart of a busy city, a young boy spots an eagle flying overhead and dreams of flying away from the buildings and noise. With a piece of chalk and his own boundless imagination, he creates a wonderful airborne adventure.

A young boy living in the heart of a busy city spots an eagle swooping overhead, and dreams of what it would be like to fly away from the noise and to soar over mountains and rivers. Using a little chalk he draws his own eagle _ and then himself _ into existence. The two fly away together, and embark on a wonderful adventure of the boy_s own imagination.

With original screenprinted illustrations by the award-winning Iranian artist Nazli Tahvili, this wordless picture book is brings to life every child_s dream of soaring into the sky.

ISBN: 9781910328323
Publication Date: 29-Jan-2018
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, Limited