Boy of Fire and Earth

Sami Shah

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A young boy, Wahid, comes to terms with his unique abilities and sets out on an adventure to recover the soul of the girl he loves from vengeful djinns.

Journeying to the world of djinns was never going to be easy; Wahid just didn't know it would be this hard. Is his travelling companion - the Devil called Iblis - a worthy friend, or a sinister enemy? And what manner of underworld beast will assault them as they look for the soul of Maheen? Whatever the answers are, Wahid sure isn't in Karachi anymore. And if he fails, we will all fall to the coming of ... Dajjal.

Boy of Fire and Earth brings together Sami Shah's Fire Boy and Earth Boy into one unputdownable volume.

ISBN: 9781922267078
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2019
Publisher: Brio Books