Kirli Saunders; Dub Leffler (Illustrator)

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Winner of the Daisy Utemorrah Award 

Age range 8 to 12

new yearnew classnew teachers     Mr Milburn     Mrs Szonyi (Zur-Knee)new shoesand shirtssame old bottles green and gold...

Meet 11-year-old Bindi. She's not really into maths but LOVES art class and playing hockey. Her absolute FAVOURITE thing is adventuring outside with friends or her horse, Nell. A new year starts like normal -- school, family, hockey, dancing. But this year hasn't gone to plan! There's a big art assignment, a drought, a broken wrist AND the biggest bushfires her town has ever seen!

Bindi is a verse novel for mid-upper primary students. Written 'for those who plant trees', Bindi explores climate, bush fires, and healing. Written from the point of view of 11-year-old, Bindi and her friends on Gundungurra Country.

'Multi-award winning author and poet Kirli Saunders turns her talent to junior fiction with this wonderfully engaging verse novel, which won the inaugural WA Premier's Daisy Utemorrah Award...Saunders notes that Bindi is 'in many ways autobiographical' and this is evident in the way she so keenly evokes the sights, sounds and smells of growing up in the country. Indeed, Saunders' intensely evocative prose conjured memories of the long summer evenings, dry grass and petrichor of this reviewer's own country childhood. The seamless interweaving of English and Gundungurra words is wonderful and, although there is a glossary at the back, Saunders' skill at melding the two languages ensures that understanding can be gained from context. With gorgeous black and white illustrations by the esteemed Dub Leffler, Bindi is a must-read for ages seven and up.' -- Hannah Gardiner, Books+Publishing

Wild Things Review
by bookseller Kimaya

It's easy to see why Kirli's Saunders debut Childrens novel 'Bindi' is winning awards nationally, including from Australian Booksellers Association and placement on the CBCA shortlist. In this tale we follow 11-year old, Indigenous girl and her perspective of the 2020 bushfires that effected her town. Bindi in a story about community, culture, childhood and caring for the environment all on Gundungurra Country, NSW. 

I'd encourage this book to all kids 7+ - especially who are looking for stories with emotional depth and who love art and animals. 'Bindi' contains themes that are great conversation starters so I've really urged parents to read as well to stimulate these discussions (family is a very strong theme in 'Bindi'.). 

My favourite book of 2020, I laughed (and cried) and had excellent conversations with my 7-9 year old book club when we brough it to the table. 

ISBN: 9781925936667
Publication Date: 20-Nov-2020
Publisher: Magabala Books