Battlesaurus: Clash of Empires

Brian Falkner

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In this roaring alt-history adventure, dinosaurs from a forbidden world have been turned into unstoppable weapons by one of the most ferocious military leaders of all time: Napol on Bonaparte. In the wake of his crushing victory at Waterloo, Napol on unleashes his vicious French general Marc Thibault and his brigade of giant battlesaurs to strike terror across Europe. England stands alone, but an invasion is looming. Its only hope is a secret attack led by Willem, a magician's son, deep inside enemy territory, to the very heart of Napol on's terrifying new army. In a stunning sequel to Brian Falkner's Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo, deception and betrayal threaten the mission from its outset, but the courage and perseverance of Willem the saur killer and his compatriots lead to a clash of titanic proportions.

ISBN: 9781250115331
Publication Date: 11-Jul-2017
Publisher: Square Fish